Matt Magee

Matt Magee


Hailing from Medford NJ, I am the lead singer for Burning Sky, and a soulful artist whose R&B flavor adds texture to the power rock of this Bad Company tribute band.

During 2017 through 2020, I participated in several cover bands with little commercial success. Although, the experience of live delivery was challenging, it was also a valuable growth opportunity.

During 2019 and 2020, I began work as a studio artist, collaborating as a singer/songwriter with several EDM and House artists out of Dresden Germany and Amsterdam. These artists, including Gloomy, MeChris, and Electric Loop, refined my songwriting and vocal craft.

A turning point for me occurred in early 2022. With my father gravely ill, it was then that I realized life is short and opportunities few. I departed from my collaborations and joined Gypsy Asylum and then Burning Sky.

Currently, I’m working with Stephen Childs of Musically Speaking, for a more powerful and exciting performance that will move audiences to their feet.

Mike Birnbaum

Mike Birnbaum


As the lead guitar for Burning Sky – a tribute to Bad Company – I enjoy bringing out the intricacies of Mick Ralphs’ vibrant guitar sound and his driving influence in the band.

A pro veteran of the music scene, I play lead guitar and sing harmonies in a range of genres from classic rock to modern country.

My background includes performing at fairs, festivals, clubs, theaters, casinos, radio tours, original session work, and opening for major acts up and down the East Coast.

My influences are diverse, from classic rock’s Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Kansas, and Genesis, to modern country music artists like Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

Former lead guitar for a Nashville country recording artist. We opened for The Oak Ridge Boys, Georgia Satellites, and John Rich.

Former lead guitar for an original rock group. We opened for Blue Oyster Cult, 38 Special, and Foghat.

Adrian DeMarco

Adrian DeMarco


Growing up in South Philadelphia, I was playing music at an early age as a member of the orchestras in elementary school and junior high. Once my friends and I heard what is now considered Classic Rock, everything changed. We lived in the shadow of Veterans Stadium and close to the Spectrum. When we were not buying and listening to LPs, we were constantly going to great concerts a short walk away.

I received a Yamaha acoustic guitar for Christmas at age 14 and not long after was asked to join a Philly band called Warehouse – but as the bass player. I learned to play bass by ear, mostly to Led Zeppelin’s first album. I played bass in various bands along the way, originals and covers, and I converted to exclusively playing guitar around 2000.

I put out a CD of originals in 2010 named Pascal Project – Stop The Time. I played all the instruments you hear except for the drums (thanks drummer Bob Loeber) and I laid down all of the lead and backing vocals.

I am very happy to have become a member of Burning Sky! Digging into each song to pick up all of the subtle parts that make the Bad Company music so great to listen to and play is a rewarding experience. Looking forward to seeing you soon at one of our gigs!

Billy Jefferson

Billy Jefferson


I was a schoolboy when I heard my first Bad Company song. It took me too long to become the bassist in Burning Sky. I’m stoked to run with this pack. Studying the craft of Boz Burrell is an ongoing passion. Even when I think I know a song inside and out, I hear another great lick that I make sure gets added to my performance to give Burning Sky fans exactly what they deserve. A true Bad Company experience.

At a young age, my mother, Calliope, taught me the ways of the Muse. I received my first Bass guitar at the age of 14 by my father’s close friend Apollo. My playing was so beautiful that the animals and even trees and rocks moved about me in dance.

In my mid-twenties, I was invited to sail with Jason. It wasn’t much of a musical journey, but Jason felt that it was important for me to be there. I kept the crew’s spirits alive with my songs during some of the darker days and eased the souls of the suffering. Jason’s choice for me to be on the crew became apparent when I saved the crew from the Sirens sweetly singing by plugging in and silencing them with my powerful Bass licks.

My poor wife died suddenly from a snake bite not too long ago. Fortunately, I was able to charm the ferryman with my righteous rhythms and gain entrance to the underworld where Hades was so moved by my playing, he allowed me to bring my wife back. Sadly, she disappeared when I turned to look back as we approached the land of the living.

Mike Keene

Mike Keene


As the keyboard player and vocalist, I have returned to my love of keys after a long hiatus of playing in rock bands when I was a teenager.

As a Bad Company enthusiast I enjoy providing Burning Sky with stellar keyboard melodies and rhythm without missing a beat.

Classically trained on piano at the age of 6, I am a huge fan of 70s classic rock, ragtime and jazz, with Elton John, Scott Joplin and Chick Corea as major influences. I use all of these influences to bring Burning Sky to appreciative audiences all around the region.

Currently, I’m in the studio recording original works in collaboration with renowned local drummer Jim Peters, formerly of The Bratt’s and The Lucky Strikes.

Anthony Liberto

Anthony Wolf Liberto


The first time I heard Led Zeppelin it got me interested in playing the drums. The chemistry between John Paul Jones and John Bonham made them an amazing rhythm section. I was determined to be a part of this, no matter what it took.

I started out being self-taught. When I decided to play music full-time, I studied with the late, great Carl Motolla from South Philly. He taught me about the music business, as well as teaching me with books. I attribute much of the reason why I play full-time today from what Carl showed me about the business and life.

I eventually got hired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The Spirit of Philadelphia, Tony and Tina’s wedding, and various private event/corporate agencies. I also performed with well-known area bands and have opened up for national acts.

I always admired the Bad Company catalog. The writing, rhythm section, and Paul Rodgers vocals, all gave me the inspiration to start Burning Sky.

Having a great band to perform these great songs is a must in order to bring the magic of Bad Company to the stage. I feel really fortunate to have the players in Burning Sky to make the music come alive!